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Advice and How-To

Party 101: Drink Station

    So the party is at your house? Here’s how to set up the drinks station Setting up a drink station at your party allows people to serve themselves and creates a conversation spot. Here are some tips that will help you prepare in advance, so you can enjoy the gathering once the guests arrive—and enable self-serve vs. host-bartending.  (How any… Read More »Party 101: Drink Station

    Brunch is Best

      A great way to start the day and the easiest meal to host.  A friend recently commented that brunch is her event of choice when entertaining. It’s a smart move – especially if you don’t mind waking up a bit early to prep. Why is brunch best? Let me count the ways. Hesitant to Entertain? Three Reasons Why Brunch Is… Read More »Brunch is Best

      Boogie Party

        A dance party for cold and flu season (pre-pandemic edition) This party started out as a dance party for cold and flu season. The idea was, why not teach kids about germs and the importance of Vitamin C, while dancing to some good music? Get it? The word “boogie” can go either way. It went down in history as either… Read More »Boogie Party

        Buffet Table Setting 101

          You have done all the cooking, now how do you lay it all out? It’s no surprise that I love tablescapes. A beautifully set table draws your guests in, and flirts with them. Yes, you read that right. I want someone to approach the table and think, “What? all this is for me? Wow.” It’s a heart-to-heart connection to tell… Read More »Buffet Table Setting 101