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Advice and How-To

How to Get Better at Hosting

    It’s all about the plan. There’s a myth out there that you are either born with some type of Martha Stewart crafty-cooking-hostess gene, or you’re out of luck! At nearly every dinner or event we host, people often confide in me that, “They could never do this,” ‘this’ meaning cook for a crowd or host a big event. Well, I have… Read More »How to Get Better at Hosting

    Non-Candy Treats for a Piñata

      Piñatas are three-in-one fun: wild excitement for the kids, entertainment for the adults who are watching, and a package for party favors.  The only negative is all that candy! Here are some non-candy filler ideas. Non-candy treats for a piñata  Retro toys such as trolls Pens, pencils, and pencil sharpeners Balls, such as super bounce balls Tattoos Small toys such… Read More »Non-Candy Treats for a Piñata


        Want to get better at baking? Start with scones. Scones are my recommendation to anyone who wants to get into baking. Here are 5 reasons why, and 5 recipes to try.  Convinced? Good. Now, one thing you need to know is that not all scones are created equal. No worries, though, because I have sifted through (pun intended!) many a… Read More »Scones

        Spectacular Salads for Any Party

          Five salads that can sit, but still stand out. One of my favorite parts of party-planning is actually after the party. It’s fun to hear the chatter after an event. The things people found funny or the things people appreciated most. I also love the requests for recipes. It’s a feedback loop after all! You know which recipes I am… Read More »Spectacular Salads for Any Party

          How to Fool-Proof Your Party Plan

            I don’t know who needs to hear this, but no event is perfect. And perfection is NOT the goal.  When it comes to dinner parties or any at-home event, there are certainly ways to plan for success, and as a good project manager would do, to mitigate risk. Because there’s always something!  You made everything in advance, you gave yourself… Read More »How to Fool-Proof Your Party Plan

            Party 101: A Long Table

              Tips for a large sit-down dinner The Challenge: You want to have twenty friends over for a sit-down dinner. There’s no room inside the house that is big enough to seat everyone, and anyway it’s summer, so who wants to be inside? Added challenge: You want it to look nice. That means no paper/plastic, and an overall cohesive look. The… Read More »Party 101: A Long Table