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Children’s Parties

Non-Candy Treats for a Piñata

Piñatas are three-in-one fun: wild excitement for the kids, entertainment for the adults who are watching, and a package for party favors.  The only negative is all that candy! Here are some non-candy filler ideas. Non-candy treats for a piñata  Retro toys such as trolls Pens, pencils, and pencil sharpeners Balls, such as super bounce balls Tattoos Small toys such… Read More »Non-Candy Treats for a Piñata

A Back-to-School Party

It’s that time of year when the smell of No. 2 Pencils is in the air, and down the hall you hear the squeak of new sneakers. Back-to-school season is a great milestone to commemorate both for parents and kids. It’s also one of those transitions that can be really rough! Did you know that anxiety and excitement are elements… Read More »A Back-to-School Party

A Tom8o Party

An eighth birthday celebration for a tomato-loving kid. A kid’s summer birthday party designed around tomatoes? Absolutely! One that would delight the kids and keep the parents’ eyes off of their phones? Of course! Here’s what we came up with… The Activities The children ranged in age from under one year old to 8, and we knew we had to… Read More »A Tom8o Party

Boogie Party

A dance party for cold and flu season (pre-pandemic edition) This party started out as a dance party for cold and flu season. The idea was, why not teach kids about germs and the importance of Vitamin C, while dancing to some good music? Get it? The word “boogie” can go either way. It went down in history as either… Read More »Boogie Party

Cinco de What?

A playful fifth birthday party. Yes, we know the actual meaning of the holiday Cinco de Mayo, but we could not help ourselves. For this sweet girl’s fifth birthday, we mixed it up a bit. The “Cinco de Carma” celebration was a Mexican-inspired family birthday dinner, complete with flower crowns for the girls and a piñata. The handmade invitation set… Read More »Cinco de What?

Of Course We Had a Ball

A farewell party to delight big and little kids When your friends are moving, and leaving for a job at Ball State University, (it’s in Muncie, Indiana – great school – look it up!) you go all out with the balls. This was an outdoor farewell dinner for four families. Nearly half of the guests were kids (from 1 to… Read More »Of Course We Had a Ball

Venetian Carnival

An at-home celebration with mask-making, storytelling, and a gondola When you live in the Midwest, you have to get super creative about enjoying winter. Having something to look forward to in the dark winter months makes all the difference. The plan for this Venetian Carnival (“Carnevale”) party was born. The guests were classmates (ages 3 to 6), and their families.… Read More »Venetian Carnival