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A Back-to-School Party

    It’s that time of year when the smell of No. 2 Pencils is in the air, and down the hall you hear the squeak of new sneakers. Back-to-school season is a great milestone to commemorate both for parents and kids. It’s also one of those transitions that can be really rough! Did you know that anxiety and excitement are elements… Read More »A Back-to-School Party

    Spectacular Salads for Any Party

      Five salads that can sit, but still stand out. One of my favorite parts of party-planning is actually after the party. It’s fun to hear the chatter after an event. The things people found funny or the things people appreciated most. I also love the requests for recipes. It’s a feedback loop after all! You know which recipes I am… Read More »Spectacular Salads for Any Party

      How to Fool-Proof Your Party Plan

        I don’t know who needs to hear this, but no event is perfect. And perfection is NOT the goal.  When it comes to dinner parties or any at-home event, there are certainly ways to plan for success, and as a good project manager would do, to mitigate risk. Because there’s always something!  You made everything in advance, you gave yourself… Read More »How to Fool-Proof Your Party Plan

        A Tom8o Party

          An eighth birthday celebration for a tomato-loving kid. A kid’s summer birthday party designed around tomatoes? Absolutely! One that would delight the kids and keep the parents’ eyes off of their phones? Of course! Here’s what we came up with… The Activities The children ranged in age from under one year old to 8, and we knew we had to… Read More »A Tom8o Party

          Party 101: A Long Table

            Tips for a large sit-down dinner The Challenge: You want to have twenty friends over for a sit-down dinner. There’s no room inside the house that is big enough to seat everyone, and anyway it’s summer, so who wants to be inside? Added challenge: You want it to look nice. That means no paper/plastic, and an overall cohesive look. The… Read More »Party 101: A Long Table

            Party 101: Drink Station

              So the party is at your house? Here’s how to set up the drinks station Setting up a drink station at your party allows people to serve themselves and creates a conversation spot. Here are some tips that will help you prepare in advance, so you can enjoy the gathering once the guests arrive—and enable self-serve vs. host-bartending.  (How any… Read More »Party 101: Drink Station

              Brunch is Best

                A great way to start the day and the easiest meal to host.  A friend recently commented that brunch is her event of choice when entertaining. It’s a smart move – especially if you don’t mind waking up a bit early to prep. Why is brunch best? Let me count the ways. Hesitant to Entertain? Three Reasons Why Brunch Is… Read More »Brunch is Best

                Boogie Party

                  A dance party for cold and flu season (pre-pandemic edition) This party started out as a dance party for cold and flu season. The idea was, why not teach kids about germs and the importance of Vitamin C, while dancing to some good music? Get it? The word “boogie” can go either way. It went down in history as either… Read More »Boogie Party