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Why Your Party Needs a Quiet Corner

How the savvy host can design a party for all to enjoy.

As much as I love throwing a party, I recognize that parties are not for everyone. At children’s parties, there are often moments of overwhelm and tantrums. You don’t know who it will hit and when, but it’s a guarantee at a certain age. 

Adults get better at suppressing the tantrums, but look closely and you’ll spot fake smiles and Aspirin-poppers. Over the years, I have consistently noticed people who virtually insert themselves into the bookshelf in my family room. Book lovers? Perhaps. But I have noticed that, most often, these are people looking to escape the crowd, to find some peace, and to have an official, socially-acceptable “excuse” to do so. 

Whether you’re an introvert, feeling sensory overload, or just not in the mood, a carefully-designed party can allow for simultaneous “fun” and “chill.” 

Here’s how: Set up a quiet corner.

This could be a room away from the main party space or a corner of the house or yard. Set out a few books, puzzles, or a game related to the party theme. For adult parties, set out a card game or mind-teaser puzzle. Bonus! These can also serve as icebreakers, if it’s a party where people who do not know each other will be meeting for the first time. 

What your party needs: A quiet corner.

Here are some ideas and inspo.

For a spring fling dinner party with some neighbors who were meeting for the first time, we set these cards on the coffee table.